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Misc Items Anything else that you cant post on the other sections; clothes, house hold items.... etc

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Please read before posting or your post will get ""UPDATED""

Please read all rules before posting.

1) This section applies to all Classifieds!!

2) All post must include contact information (phone or
valid email)
, price, VIN# and Pictures. (all required

(If any of these are left blank or filled incorrectly, you post will get DELETED!!)

3) If you don't like the members price or item, do no
argue with them. This can get you an infraction and
could end up as a ban. DONT DO IT!

4) No Negative post. No flaming, No Hijacking, STAY ON
TOPIC Please!

5) No stolen parts. Anthything that must have a vin WILL
have a vin and should be posted!

6) All Cars with JDM motors Must include SERIAL
Number... All JDM motor have it! Right under the B18b

7) All Car with a swap are requierd to have vehicle Vin
and swap vin.

8) All OEM parts that come with Vin MUST POST VIN
(bumpers, fenders, hoods, etc....)

9) NO guns, or fire arms.

10) No unnecesary BUMPS. Only the Thread starter is
allowed to bump his post. 1 bump per day!!

NO LINKING TO OTHER SITES - When making a thread, do not just post a link to eBay, craigslist, a thread from another message board, etc.People should be able to find any information they need in the thread you started here without having to be linked to some other website.

12) THE PICTURES YOU POST IN YOUR AD MUST BE OF THE ACTUAL ITEM! Stock photos from a manufacturers website or anywhere else on the internet will not be allowed, only pics of the actual item that you have in your possession. Failure to do so will result in your ad being deleted.

If you have any questions regarding the rules please contact an Admin.

(revised February 3, 2010)

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